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Ses Cleaning Services – Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is the best carpet cleaners you can hire in Melbourne. In case you don’t believe us, let us give you a rundown of why it is so. We have been in business for about many years now. And you can avail all of this right at your doorstep. Apart from these assurances, our range of services should be more than enough for covering all your residential and commercial carpet needs in Melbourne.

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Why Is Carpet Cleaning Important?

Carpets are the part of home décor that see the most wear and tear without fail. Everyone quite literally steps on them at least half a dozen times a day. So it stands to reason that they end up getting dirtied the fastest and end up as a breeding spot for all sorts of bacteria and other microbes. It is in light of all of this where carpet cleaning comes into play. Professional cleaning of carpets goes a long way in restoring the carpets to what they were supposed to look like. Plus, regular and proper cleaning of carpets also helps in extending the life of the carpet.

Checklist To Follow Before Getting Your Carpets Cleaned By Us

In case you want to avail the best possible carpet cleaning experience, here are a few steps that you can follow which will go a long way in ensuring that.

Keep the room empty on the day of the appointment

An empty room is a blessing for our cleaners. Conversely, a room with constant hustle and bustle is nothing short of a curse. Not only the constant comings and goings hinder the cleaning process but it also brings in fresh dust and grime on the carpet.

Remove all small and breakable objects

Small objects have an uncanny habit of getting in the way and causing unwarranted trips and falls. So if they are removed beforehand, then our workers will be able to work with a lot of ease. As far as breakable objects go, in case of any accidents, not only will it cause our workers injuries and hinder the work process but cause you monetary loss as well.

Move the furniture out

Another quality of life improvement that will go a long way in improving your experience with us is the removal of all furniture from the work area. It too hinders the working as well as causing unwarranted trips and falls.

Keep the pets away

All our cleaning solutions are natural. However, they still might cause some trouble for your pets. So in order to prevent any unpleasantness for your pets, make sure that they are as far away from the work area for a few days as possible.

Our Specialization

Local Carpet Cleaners Melbourne

♦ 24*7 Service

We understand that emergencies can happen at any time and so we are available at any given time.

♦ Eco Friendly Solutions

All our chemicals are derived from natural bases. As a result, all our cleaning solutions are eco friendly in nature.

♦ Pet Friendly Solutions

As we have mentioned before, all our chemicals originate from natural bases. So, all our chemicals are pet friendly in nature.

♦ Extremely Affordable

We firmly believe in providing the best possible service for the lowest possible price point. This goes a long way in our customer friendly approach.

♦ Obligation Free Quotes

All our quotes are free of any obligations.

♦ Best Carpet Cleaning Tools

All our cleaning tools are the cutting edge of technology.

♦ Available All Across Melbourne

This is something that you could have deciphered from our name, Ses Cleaning Services Carpet Cleaning Melbourne. So, it makes sense for us to be serving across all of Melbourne.

Get a Professional Carpet Cleaning In Melbourne Today!!!

Carpet Cleaning Services Melbourne

At Ses Cleaning Services Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we hold everything to an equal pedestal. This means that no task is treated as being too big or small. And so, by the time we finish cleaning your carpets, they will come out looking as good as new. As far as our cleaning solutions go, there are way too many of them to list here. But rest assured, all our cleaning solutions are eco friendly in nature.

In case you are wondering about the cleaners then you can stop that too. All our workers are certified and quite frankly are experts in their fields.

As for our other services, there are quite a few of those that you can avail at Ses Cleaning Services Carpet Cleaning Melbourne. One of those is emergency services which is available 24*7. The best part about all of this is that you will always get an obligation free quote from us.

Cleaning Services That You Can Available

Carpet Cleaning Services

  • ♦ Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

    Steam cleaning carpets is a very effective process of carpet cleaning Melbourne. It is employed frequently because it gives almost unmatched results. In this method, water is heated to very high temperatures under high pressure. This results in steam being generated. This steam is mostly pure and breaks down any dust, grime etc on the carpet. Once this happens, it can very easily be cleaned off through dry cleaning etc.

  • ♦ Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne

    In this, the cleaning procedure cleanses your carpet of any dust, allergens, etc. A low moisture cleaning solution is applied on the carpet. After sufficient time, it is removed via a rotator. This thoroughly cleanses your carpet and the best part is that the carpet is ready to use straight away.

  • ♦ Stain Removal From Carpets

    Stains are like the cycle of life and death. They are simply inevitable. The older your carpet is, the more the number of stains on it will be. But you needn’t worry about this. With our whole arsenal of cleaning solutions, there is no stain that we won’t be able to clean from your carpet. Just be warned that it may take some time given the nature of your carpet and the stain itself.

  • ♦ Mould Removal From Carpets

    Carpets tend to accumulate a lot of mould over time. This happens a lot when the owners are outdoor people or the household has pets. Once brought in, it is very easy for mould to take hold of your carpet. Once that is taken care of, a few dry passes will be made in order to loosen up the mould. After this, standard cleaning procedures will be followed.

  • ♦ Shampooing of Carpets

    This is by far the cheapest cleaning method we can apply in order to clean the carpets. Specialized soaps and cleaning solutions are used and applied on the carpets. Once the foam is created, it is allowed to sit. After a while, all of it is washed away with a rotator machine.

  • ♦ Disinfection of Carpets

    With the constant movement in and out, it stands to reason that you and your pets will bring in a lot of bacteria and other microbes inside the house and especially the carpet. So in order to prevent any adverse effects of these microbes on your health, you need to get the carpet disinfected. We will disinfect your carpet with the combo of disinfecting chemicals and steam cleaning.

  • ♦ Hot Water Extraction

    Hot water extraction is a method for cleaning your carpets which is quite similar to the steam cleaning them. The water isn’t heated to as high temperatures as it is in steam cleaning. So, the steam produced is not pure. This impure steam along with the cleaning solutions is then applied to the carpet and allowed to settle. After this, the whole carpet is thoroughly rinsed which ends up cleaning every single fiber on the carpet.

  • ♦ Carpet Dyeing Melbourne

    It goes a long way in making your carpet look fresh and new again. There are a few things that you should know. We cannot dye your carpet to a lighter shade. It is simply impossible. And for the best possible results, you should consider getting it dyed to a darker shade to what it is currently.

  • ♦ Sanitization of Carpets

    Sanitization is a far more rigorous process than disinfection. The process is overall quite similar to how clothes are disinfected once the cleaning solutions and hot water are applied.

  • ♦ Scotchgard Protection

    Here, a thick layer of heavy spray is applied on the carpet which settles down on each and every fiber of the carpet. This layer goes a long way in protecting your carpet from any sort of damage.

  • ♦ End of Lease Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    Carpets are easily the most overlooked cog of home décor. By the time the lease ends the quality of the carpet rapidly deteriorates. But you needn’t worry. We will restore your carpets to their pre-lease conditions without any hassle and they should hold till the time the next person to lease comes in.

Types of Stains We Remove

  • Nail polish
  • Urine Stain
  • Pet Stain
  • Blood Stain
  • Food Stain
  • Coffee Stain
  • Ink Stain
  • Wine Stain
  • Slime Stain
  • Vomit Stain

However, keep in mind that the results here won’t be optimal as the DIY solutions are not as effective as our cleaning solutions. Not to mention, in all likelihood, you yourself are not a professional carpet cleaner either. So, you may end up inadvertently damaging your carpet’s fibers. So instead of setting yourself up for this futile task, give us a call and let us take care of it for you.

Our Other Carpet Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning Services Melbourne

    • ♦ Commercial Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

      We serve all commercial spaces of all different shapes and sizes. So in case you have a commercial carpet that needs cleaning, give us a call.

    • ♦ Residential Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

      We are your one stop solution for all your residential carpet cleaning needs. So don’t wait to call us.

    • ♦ Emergency Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

      We know that emergencies can happen at any given time. It is because of this that all our services are available 24*7.

    • ♦ After Party Carpet Cleaning Services in Melbourne

      Parties tend to get messy very quickly. Not to mention all the dirt and grime brought in by the guests. So, in case you want this mess sorted as early as possible, don’t be afraid to drop us a call.

After party cleaning

Why Choose Ses Cleaning Services For Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne?

To put it as bluntly as possible, Ses Cleaning Services a #1 service provider in Melbourne. We are extremely affordable too. What more can you ask for? In case you do, here are a few more things that will sell you to availing our services.

  • Eco friendly solutions
  • Pet friendly cleaning solutions
  • Flexible timings
  • 24*7 Available