Dead Rodent In Your Duct: What To Do?

When a rodent dies in your air duct it creates a huge hurdle. The problem is removing that rodent from that congested area. Rodents not only block your air duct but also add a stinging smell to it. This may spoil the environment of your home. Rodent deaths may cause many harmful diseases. It’s a horrible thought but many house owners are facing this kind of issue. So, don’t worry if you get such a smell at your home. Just follow your nose and try to catch that area from where the smell is coming. In this blog you will read about how to handle dead rodents inside ductworks. 

How To Handle Dead Rodent Inside Your Air Duct

Dead Rodent In Your Duct
  1. Track The Smell At Your Home- Track the odour from where it is coming, because rodents stuck in the vent of air ducts are easily visible. So, at that time you have to track the animal with your nose. Open your air vent from where the smell is coming. Try to find out where the rodent is stuck.
  1. Get The Dead Rodent Out- When you locate the rodent, try to remove it. You need certain things for removing rodents from the vent like garbage bags, rubber gloves, paper towels etc,. Carefully remove the dead rodent and place it away from your home. After that, clean the air duct properly and spray some disinfectant so, that the hard odour of the dead rodent will be removed.
  1. Fix The Leak In Your Duct- After removing the dead rodent and cleaning the duct thoroughly, check the duct and look for the leak from where the rodent  entered it. Also, inspect if the rodent has done some damage. Try to fix the damage, so that other rodents do not enter the duct again. 
  1. Repair The Duct– When any dead rodents are stuck in your duct. They cause lots of damage to the vent. Due to the damage, your air conditioner may not work properly. In that case you have to repair the duct. If the harm is more, in that case you have to change the whole duct. So, that it will not affect you in future.
  1. Hire A Professional, When In Doubt- If you are not able to fix things properly don’t panic. Call our company and we will send our professionals. Our professionals have many years of experience in clearing rodents. We clean your duct without causing any damage. As well as repair the damaged area so that another rodent didn’t stick there again.

Searching For The Best Dead Rodent Cleaners For Your Air Duct? 

The Best Dead Rodent Cleaners For Your Air Duct

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