Dirty Carpet- An Invitation to Coronavirus?

The carpet inside the home adds beauty to your home, but what if it becomes home of some dangerous viruses? Don’t get panic. Here we are discussing some of the major points that are related to the safety measures against coronavirus. Have patience and grapes this useful information. 

Dirty Carpet- An Invitation to Coronavirus?

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a respiratory illness that quickly spreads by airborne droplets. If a person comes in contact with the droplet of the infected person during his coughing, sneezing process, the virus gets entered via the nose, mouth, or by direct inhalation. Also, the study result that if a person touches the object or place that are already contaminated by the infected person, then he also gets affected by that virus.   

If you have dirty carpets inside your home, then its the peak time to get it cleaned as everyone knows that the only way to be safe from coronavirus is proper cleaning and maintaining complete hygiene. A stained or dirty carpet is the home of different types of germs and bacteria. It may be the case that your dirty looking carpet also has a virus of COVID-19. To have complete safety at home, you should seek the help of professionals that do a complete cleaning of carpet and assures that no virus or germs should be left over the carpet.

Risk of Dirty Carpet

Several risks are generated by dirty carpet in terms of the health and appearance of the home. A dirty carpet should be cleaned as soon as possible. If inside your home, there is a dirty carpet, then have a look at the following points and think about their consequences.

  • Respiratory Issue

Dust, dirt, mould, pet hair, etc. all get trapped in the carpet and accumulation of all these results in dirty carpet. And the movement of such pollutants has a severe impact on the respiratory organ of a person living in that surrounding. As symptoms of coronavirus include difficulty in breathing, so if you have dirty carpet, then get it cleaned by hiring professional carpet cleaners.

  • Allergies

The contaminants of the dust full carpet produce an allergic reaction. It can give you red eyes or runny nose or other types of allergy that has a serious impact on your health. Get your carpet dust-free as soon as possible to be healthy.  

Risk of Dirty Carpet
  • Skin Irritation

The presence of dirty carpet inside home triggers more skin irritation like itchy skins, rashes, eczema, etc. that are not good for your health. Call the professional carpet cleaners of Ses Carpet Cleaning to be safe from such type of skin irritation problems.

  • Weak Immune System

 Research says that coronavirus is more active on the people that have a low immune system. Presence of dust and dirt in the home result in different types of allergies and infections that has a direct impact on living being’s health. Make your carpet dust-free to secure your life from COVID-19. 

How to Be Safe from Coronavirus?

As per the health advisory given by the WHO, there are certain things that you do to protect oneself from the effect of coronavirus.

  • Wash Your Hand Frequently

Make a habit of cleaning your hand with alcohol-based sanitizer or by using clean soap and water. Doing this kills the bacteria and germs that are present on your hands.

  • Maintain Social Distance

Try to maintain at least a gap of 3 feet or 1 meter between yourself and other people who are sneezing or coughing because this virus gets spread by the small droplets via air to other people.

How to Be Safe from Coronavirus?
  • Avoid Touching Mouth, Nose and Eyes

Your hands touch too many surfaces, and if that virus contaminates that surface and if you touch your mouth or body parts, then it gets inside your body very easily, and you get affected by this virus.

  • Practice Proper Respiratory Hygiene

It is recommended and advised that you should practice good hygiene while doing any respiratory practice. It would help if you covered your mouth with tissue or hanky while sneezing and coughing and that tissue should be disposed of properly. 

As you know that till now no any medicine is discovered for curing this dangerous disease. The only vaccine available to this is maintaining proper hygiene. Clean your living places, objects, articles, carpets, rugs, etc. for preventing coronavirus. A clean environment prevents this viral disease from affecting your health. Therefore be cleaned and be safe.  

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