Have a Look Of The Inside Of Your Air Ducts

The HVAC at home could be working in a stable condition but a look inside equipment will leave you troubled. So equipment has passages called ducts. It is used in the movement of air. Thus ducts are useful to supply and return air in equipment. Keeping equipment clean from the outside but ignoring the insides would cost you nightmares. According to the EPA, the level of pollutants indoors can sometimes be 100 times greater than outdoors.
Why should you look inside ducts

Have A Look Of The Inside Of Your Air Ducts

The ducts can hold anything from bacteria to moulds and if not taken care of will only keep growing. Therefore, chances of rats, insects and mice are possible problems one can face. This makes us realize how important it is to be concerned about the maintenance of ducts. Cleaning and maintenance of ducts is a tough job. It requires professional assistance and knowledge. Advancement of technology helped to provide a good number of services.

What can you find inside air ducts

The preferred periodic time of duct cleaning is 3-5 years .The motives behind duct cleaning would be –

1) Removal of bacteria and contaminants.
2) Prevents re-circulation of dirty air
3) Prevents allergic directions caused by moulds
4) Prevents odours indoor
5) Improves airflow

Understanding the importance of duct cleaning you would want to know about the services and techniques used. Using CCTV cameras, the technicians identify the main clogs.

Techniques used in duct cleaning

1) Mechanical agitation and extraction – This is a source removal cleaning method. As the name itself suggests firstly mechanical agitation helps in loosening the debris. Whereas mechanical extraction extracts these loosened debris.
2) Truck mounted vacuum cleaning Methods: You can also call it an air sweeping method. Vacuum removes all dirt and debris.
3) (HEPA) High efficiency particulate air- The HEPA has a filtered vacuum and it also has a spinning brush. The debris is always sticky to the inside surfaces so the spinning brush gets rid of it completely. This HEPA is a portable vacuum.
4) Steam air duct cleaning method- We make sure we use advanced high pressure steam technique to remove the debris.

Lastly the final inspection process is done. The duct cleaning professionals use long cabled cameras. Also wireless cameras to get a thorough check up. The main concern is negative pressure technology.

We can help you For Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning

We at Ses Cleaning Services perform all the professional air duct cleaning methods. Our professionals work leaving behind no debris or allergens for you to suffer. If you can’t stop sneezing or detect allergen triggers at home, your duct definitely needs a check. For a safe and healthy indoor environment, call us and book your appointment right away. We have been professionally providing duct cleaning services. Since 20 years in service makes us a trustable company. Hope you have an allergen-free home soon!