How Hot Water Extraction Method Makes your Carpet Clean?

Carpet cleaning is the removal of stains, dirt and allergens through several techniques. It is very important to do carpet disinfection weekly because the carpet would have many kinds of bacteria, fungus, dirt, stains. When we keep carpets without disinfecting for a week, there are likely to be many kinds of diseases. So it is important to remove carpet stains. One of the best carpet disinfection methods is the ‘hot water extraction’ method.

Hot water extraction (HWE) is commonly known as ‘steam cleaning’. As the phrase ‘steam cleaning’ is a bit misleading. The hot water does the stain removal not steaming, so that ‘Hot water extraction’ is more accurate. Hot water extraction is one of the best deep carpet cleaning methods. In hot water extraction, we need a carpet cleaning machine (vacuum). This machine has a cleaning truck in which water with high temperature (usually in between 150-200 degree Fahrenheits) mixed with gentle detergent in the equipment’s water compartment. Then the mixed liquid is injected with high pressure into carpet stain spots, due to high pressure and temperature the bacteria, fungus, dust mites, stains will get removed fast. Later again using that vacuum we are taking up the rest of the moisture from the carpet and it gets dried faster. The average size of the carpet (3000 square feet) would normally take 2 hr for carpet cleaning and 4 hr for dry.

Hot water extraction is one of the effective methods of carpet disinfection. The hot water has the ability to kill gems much faster. This method is used for carpet cleaning in Preston, high-pressure tools are used to propel a mixture of cleaning agent and hot water into the carpet. Hot water extraction will help to loosen grime, dirt, debris, and soil that lurk. It removes all the loose materials from the carpet. Hot water extraction does carpet stain removal more efficiently.

Carpet Hot Water Extraction

There are Many Benefits of Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning:

  1. Most Effective Method of Cleaning – Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is by far the most effective method of carpet disinfection. It has the ability to speed up carpet stain removal effectively and 99% of all kinds of stains can be removed like tea, coffee, dust, blood carbonated drinks, food, oil.
  2. Hot Water Takes Off The Stain – Hot water will kill the germs and wipe off the stains more quickly. High pressured hot water to agitate the carpet fibres and dissolve the dirt in the carpet. Hot water extraction cleaning typically involves the application of a cleaning agent on the soil surface and agitation of carpet with a brush. This step can wipe out all the stains from the carpet. This is how hot water extraction works.
  3. Hot Water Extraction is More Effective – Steam is hotter than hot water. Steam can actually set some stains in. If a cleaning agent like detergent is being used, steam cannot provide as through a rinse as using hot water provides. Hot water can flush the carpet fibres and removes dirt.
  4. Cleans The Carpet Thoroughly – The best thing about hot water extraction is the steam used in secondary cleaning goes beyond the surface of the carpet hence cleaning the Inside fabrics thoroughly.
  5. Production of Residues – When we use other methods for carpet stain removal, we can see small pieces of residues remaining.but in this method this will not be residues remaining in the carpet. It remains as new and also smells good.
  6. Eco-Friendly – In this method, we will not use strong chemicals for cleaning. It uses hot water power. People with allergies will not be affected by this method.

    Hot Water Extraction From Carpet

    Hot Water Extraction From Carpet

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