How Much Does Air Duct Cleaning Cost in 2020?

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Air Duct Cleaning Cost in 2020
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Deciding Factors for Melbourne’s Cost of Duct Cleaning

  • Size of the duct

The length of the duct contributes to deciding the cost of the duct cleaning. Larger the size, larger the amount you have to spend. 

  • Material of duct

Different material requires different types of care and handling. Ducts are made up of aluminum, fiberglass, galvanized sheet, PVC, etc. all these ducts need a unique treatment plan. 

  • Level of dirt over duct

If the dust level inside the duct is high, then it requires more cleaning services, thus increasing the cost of duct cleaning.

  • Condition of duct

If the duct is not in good condition that means if that requires replacement or repair services, then the cost of service may differ from the general one.

  • Presence of mould inside the duct

Removal of mould from the duct requires specific treatment and product, thus get added to the normal cost of the duct cleaning.

  • The method used to clean the duct.

Several methods are used depending on the situation and condition of the duct. These methods also have a contribution to the generation of cost. 

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Duct Cleaning Cost

How much does Duct Cleaning Cost in Melbourne 2020 for Residential Premises?

Price based on the type of duct that is present inside the residential place. There are different types of ducts used in the home as per the need. The prices mentioned over here are standard charges. These figures are based on the current market price. However, it may get varied depending upon the situation. 

Duct Type Average Cost*
Sheet Metal Air Ducts $300 -$500
Fiberglass Lined Air Ducts $320-$520
Fiberboard Air Ducts $330-$530
Flexible Air Duct $350-$550
Minimum Call-out Fee $120

*Terms & Conditions may apply.

No. Of Air Duct Vents Cost Per Vent
1 Air Duct Vent 27$
2 Air Duct Vent 54$
3 Air Duct Vent 81$
4 Air Duct Vent 108$
5 Air Duct Vent 135$
6 Air Duct Vent 162$
7 Air Duct Vent 189$
8 Air Duct Vent 216$
9 Air Duct Vent 243$

How do I know my cleaner has done a good job?

Unhappily, Some Homemakers have been ripped off by duct cleaning industries recently There’s plenty of press releases, articles, and news about fake duct cleaning companies who have cost “too good to be true” price and left homeowners out of pocket with the broken and uncleaned duct.

There are a few things to check before and after you book duct cleaning services:

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