How To Clean Your Roller Blinds Quickly and Easily

Cleaning the roller blinds is never on your list. It is also often neglected. Because you do not feel the need to clean the roller blinds as they are always hanging on windows. You do not see visible dust or any other stain on it that makes you overlook the cleaning part. You might not know but blinds can become dirty and unsightly very soon. That is why it is important to give them the attention that they deserve. Roller blinds are not only sleek and modern but keeping them clean is also a matter of pride. 

Cleaning your roller blinds will help to keep dust and grime away. Which in turn helps in the prevention of germs and bacteria that harbour in the dust particles. How to clean roller blinds completely depends upon the material of the blind. It can also depend upon the severity of damage and stains present on them. 

Here, in this blog, we provide some tips and tricks that will help you in cleaning your roller blinds effectively. 

Tips and tricks that will help you in cleaning your roller blinds are:

Method 1- Using a vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaning and wiping the roller blinds are the best way of keeping your roller blinds clean. It is the best method that helps in removing the dust and dirt that is present on the surface. Check if your roller blinds are coated with polyvinyl. Because in that case, you can use a damp cloth to clean them as they are waterproof. Extend your roller blinds fully and vacuum their surface. Retract them only when they are completely dry.

Method 2- Deep Cleaning the roller blinds

Remove the roller blinds from their brackets carefully. Now, unwind it one by one so that it becomes easy to clean. Fill your bathtub with soapy water (use mild detergent always), place your roller blinds in this bathtub. Let it soak in the bathtub for about an hour. After an hour, check if there are any stains on it. If there are stains then clean them on the spot with a cloth or a sponge. Now, drain the bathtub and rinse the blinds using clean water. For drying, extend them fully and drape them on a drying rack.

Method 3- Cleaning Light Coloured roller blinds

Plain roller blinds or light-coloured roller blinds get visibly more dirty than other colours of roller blinds. Regular cleaning will definitely help in getting rid of the dust and stains from these roller blinds. Vacuum it using a soft brush vacuum at the lowest power. This will help in cleaning the dust if you do it in a downward motion. Now, take a damp cloth and start wiping in the same downward direction so that everything is gone. 

Method 4- Get rid of roller blind stains

Cleaning the roller blinds stain requires the same attention as for upholstery cleaning. You just need to ensure that you abide by the general guidelines. That is, use gentle products while cleaning the roller blinds. You would not want to remove the colour of the blinds. Always do a patch test before using any products on your blinds. Make sure you never rub onto your blinds, just dab or blot the stains. Rubbing can damage the blinds and also spread the stains.

Method 5- On the spot cleaning

If you are in a hurry or you have guests visiting your home and you do not have much time. Then, you can go on with the spot cleaning. For on-the-spot cleaning, we have the best hack that you can swear by. Use baby wipes to clean the roller blinds if you are in a hurry. You must choose the most gentle baby wipes available. Dab onto the stains and wipe off the dirt.

Method 6- Upholstery wipes

Many people might not know but upholstery wipes work wonders when it comes to roller blinds cleaning. Even for removing stains, they are the best. They are easily available in the market too. Ensure you pick an upholstery wipe that is ideal for your blind’s material and colour. Then, gently dab, blot, and wipe away the roller blinds.

Do You Need Experts For Roller Blinds Cleaning?

Curtains and blinds cleaning can always be tiring. Some of these curtains can be cleaned easily at home without any equipment. While some of them might require special attention. No matter what kind of curtains or blinds you own, it is always better to get them cleaned by professionals every now and then. If you want amazing professional service, call us. We are Ses Cleaning Services providing effective curtain and blinds cleaning services.