How to Resolve Condensation Issues in Air Conditioning Ductwork

Condensation happens when humid or moisturized air fits up with the cold air ducts or vents. It happens when cold air of your duct or vents encountered with hot air on the outside of the duct’s surface then, condensation will form. Condensation can dribble down and caused to be moisture or humidity on ceilings, roofs and walls. If you also have to face these types of duct condensation issues around your air conditioning ductwork. Then, it is time to hire the professionals for Air conditioning ductwork repair and protect your duct system from condensation. You can resolve duct condensation issues yourself by exploring condensation reasons and fixing them. It is not difficult to find the causes of condensation. If you once find them then, you can easily protect your air conditioning duct system.

Duct Condensation Services
Duct Condensation Services

These Useful Steps will Surely Help you to Reduce Condensation.

  • Step 1 – Check Your Duct’s Temperature

    You need to check inside and outside temperature of your duct. You can check the outer temperature by using a thermometer, just by carrying it in the air. Sometimes, It is tough to check the ducts internally. In that case, You can use this method as an alternative. Hold thermometer against the duct, as it should be cold as the duct itself. When you have completed it and still not detect any problem and facing duct condensation issues. You should call the experts to provide Duct repairing services.

  • Step 2- Increasing Antifreeze in AC units.

    Another cause of duct condensation is lack of antifreeze in your AC units. It affects the heat contradiction between the air conditioning system and the outer atmosphere. You can check the levels of antifreeze in your AC units, and if you find reduced antifreeze then, restore it with additional liquid. You can also call the professionals for Duct repairing. They can do it easily and professionally. You can ask for old antifreeze and whether it is leaking from one of the pipes because it could be a more vital problem that has serious consequences.

  • Step 3 – To Replace Fans

    The fans of your duct system may cause condensation issues. You can replace the fans of your AC unit and resolve all duct problems. If you found that the fans are not cooling the air throughout the room and the ductwork is colder than the air beyond it, that is one reason why condensation forms. You can detect the problem by observing the fans that, how they work. If you notice that they are slow and not running properly then, replace them with new and fresh fans. You can also try to change the speed of the fan by adjusting wires. Always remember that Professional heating duct repair Services are the best choice forever.

  • Step 4 – Add More Insulation or Covering

    If you haven’t found any problem in your AC duct system then, protect your duct system with greater insulation. It is the only way to get rid of duct condensation. This method can prevent moisture or humidity from dropping into the pipes or vents. You can add any anti-mould features to prevent mould or fungus from growing around the surroundings. Remember that if you once wrapped your duct pipes then care about moisture deviation from the AC ducts.

Professional Duct Repair
Professional Duct Repair

Choose Professionals

You can get the help of any professional company to repair your duct system professionally. Professional help is a safe and easy option to get a repaired air conditioning system. Ses Cleaning Services also provide Duct repair services and our Duct repair cost is also affordable. You can easily afford our high-grade services at reasonable price.