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Ses Rug Cleaning Melbourne – We are passionate about our customer’s expectations related to rug cleaning. Our expert rug cleaners have become trained in dealing with all types of rug stains. Our rug cleaners carefully inspect the rug before starting any cleaning treatment. We take care of the requirements and needs of the customer from our side. We provide the top rug cleaning services all across Melbourne. Our specialist rug cleaner solve all problems related to rug cleaning & rug repair.

We are a team of certified, skilled & experienced rug cleaners that provides quality rug cleaning services at an affordable price. Our expert cleaners provide the best treatment as per the condition of the rug. Using unique treatment methods with advanced tools and techniques, we satisfy our customers. You will get superior result after our rug cleaning service.

For relaxed rug cleaning, Ses Rug Cleaning Melbourne provides pick and drop facility to their customers so that no tension should be left to the customer. We pick the dirty rug from your residential and commercial places, clean it and give it back to your location. Just give us a call on 0481608929 and enjoy our wonderful service. Pick up & delivery service also available.

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Same Day Emergency Rug Cleaning Melbourne

Want emergency rug cleaning service? Don’t worry, Ses Rug Cleaning Melbourne is here that provides emergency rug cleaning services at most competitive prices. Our professional rug cleaners will impress you with their best work performance. The experts of Ses Rug Cleaning Melbourne are well trained, qualified & experienced to deal with any type of stain, spot & mould over the rug.

We provide the best result that other competitors are not able to offer. Whenever you are in a panic, give us a call, and we will reach your doorstep on the same day of the booking. We do not offer much cost for a last-minute job done by our professional. Get in touch with our top rated cleaners team for same day rug cleaning service in Melbourne. Our rug cleaners uses the right approach for killing germs & bacteria from dusted rug in limited period of time.

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    Benefits of Melbourne Rug Cleaning

    Ses Rug Cleaning Melbourne offer affordable & excellent rug cleaning service. Our professional of rug cleaning fully skilled. Read below benefits of our rug cleaning services:

    • Eco-Friendly & Green: Our specialist uses eco-friendly and green solutions for cleaning the rug that is safe for your pets and kids.
    • Dried Rugs Within Hours: With our unique and advanced drying techniques, you will be able to use clean rugs within some hours. 
    • Rugs Cleaning at Affordable Price: The service charge of Ses Rug Cleaning Melbourne is competitive and budget-friendly. 
    • New Feeling and Look to Rug: Our rug cleaners provide a new look to your stained rug. 
    • Same Day Rug Cleaning: We provide same-day rug cleaning all over Melbourne. Call us when you need emergency rug cleaning services.
    • Satisfaction is Guaranteed: We are a name on which you trust easily for your professional rug cleaning.

    Rug Cleaning Melbourne – Our 7 Steps Rug Cleaning Plan


    Step 1 : Inspection and Analysis

    Firstly Ses Rug Cleaning Melbourne identifies through careful inspection of the construction of the rug and the exact composition of the fibres that are used in the fabrication of rug. These are generally composed of wool, cotton, silk, synthetic, or natural plant fibres, and each one has its cleaning properties. In the very beginning stage, any type of specific stains, odours, and colouring are carefully analyzed so that the right treatment method should be used.


    Step 2: Vibration Dust Removal

    In this stage of the cleaning process, our professional’s hand feeds the rug with a duster machine to gently vibrate the residual dirt from the pile. It is an essential process because some soil may be ground deep into the backing and, therefore, contrary to domestic vacuum cleaners. Accurate removal of these bits is vital to allowing the rug pile to be raised, which in turn enhances the health of the fibres to be cleaned.

    testing and pre treatment

    Step 3: Testing and Pre Treatment

    In this next step, testing for the colour fastness of the dyes in your rug and application of pre-treatment to any stains is done using our unique and best solutions. If you hire inexperienced rug cleaners in Melbourne, then the colour of the rug may get mixed, just like when we throw different coloured clothes together in the washing machine. Some of the stains remain hidden to the naked eye. We assure our customers about the proper cleaning of their rugs.

    pre spray

    Step 4: Pre Spray

    Succeeding further, we do pre-spray of cleaning product in even form over the rug. Ses Rug Cleaning specialists use cleaning solutions that are water-based and easily degradable, and as close to as neutral. We use cleaning products so that the fibres and dyes within the rug do not experience harsh treatment or get damaged during the cleaning process. To maintain the soft silky finish of all silk rugs that require proper cleaning, our experts use specialized products endorsed for best and effective rug cleaning.

    rotary shampoo

    Step 5 : Rotary Shampoo

    The expert cleaners of Ses Rug Cleaning Melbourne next involve a rotary shampoo machine onto the rug by hand. Our experts perform each stage of the cleaning process systematically to ensure the best results over rug cleaning. We use this type of shampooing because it provides gentle buffing action on the fibres of the rug and significantly helps in the final dirt removal process.


    Step 6: Rinsing

    After the shampooing process, our professionals use a rinsing mechanic for the complete cleaning of the rug. It washes away all the shampoo from the rug. After that, we use a ringer machine to eliminate the moisture content from the wet rug.


    Step 7 : Drying & Dehumidifying

    At the last stage, we dry your rug so that you can use it easily. Few days are required for the drying and dehumidifying process. It depends upon the type of fabric used in the composition. Before handing over the rug to the client, we test the moisture content of the rug with a moisture meter and ensure that we provide a complete dried rug to our customer.

    Rug Repair & Restoration Melbourne

    The professionals of SES Cleaning Services offer best rug cleaning services and also do sanitisation of the rugs. Our technicians are also skilled in providing you with the best and effective rug repair services. We are provided with high-level tools and high-end skills. Our technicians give you the best outcomes for rug repair and restoration. Whether there are holes, torn or burnt, our professionals save them from getting replaced. We are also available in your services on the same day of booking as well. Hire our rug cleaners that pick the dirty rug from your home, clean it and drop it back to your location in the most professional way. Book us today and enjoy our service.

    Dry Cleaning of Rug

    When cleaning the rug with water is not required or not appropriate then our professionals do dry cleaning of the rugs to remove the stain. We use quality dry cleaning solvents for the effective cleaning of the rug. When the dry chemical agent has done its work, then we clean the rug with a high power vacuum to make your rug clean and fresh. We provide satisfactory and expected rug cleaning services at the best price.

    Moth Treatment

    The larvae of moths love to eat the wool fibre of the rug that is present in dark places or under furniture or in low traffic rooms. They easily get the protein from the fibres of the rug and other nutritional ingredients from the stain and another source. You can protect your rug against moths & stop rug damage by using Ses Moth Treatment Services. So book today our expert team.

    dry cleaning of rug melbourne

    End of Lease Rug Cleaning Melbourne

    Want end of lease rug cleaning service? Hire us!! We have been helping tenants for the past many years. Ses Rug Cleaning Melbourne understands the hassle of moving from one place to another. In that moment rug cleaning also becomes a tough task. To get rid of this situation, call Ses Rug Cleaning Melbourne. We are here to solve your problem. End of lease rug cleaning comes under our top specialty service that is in demand in Melbourne. Contact us on 0481608929 for more detail. Our customer support is ready to help you throughout 24 hours. Book our excellent rug cleaner team today and get dust and stain free rugs at an affordable price.

    end of lease rug cleaning melbourne

    Why Choose Us?

    1. Reliable and best rug cleaners.
    2. 24X7 rug cleaning service availability.
    3. Fair and best rug cleaning charge.
    4. We take care of your pets and kids while delivering the rug cleaning service.
    5. Same day rug cleaning service.
    6. 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
    7. Emergency service delivered on the requirement.
    8. We are owned and operated by local people of Melbourne.
    9. Our rug cleaners cover all CBD and suburbs.
    10. We provide pick and drop facilities.

    Want To Enquire More About Our Rug Services

    Ses Rug Cleaning Melbourne provides the best rug cleaning services. We are working 24X7 to help people in removing stains and dust from the rug. Your rugs are treated with the utmost care to preserve its quality and colour. The rug cleaner Melbourne uses a professional approach to clean the rug. We are serving both residential and commercial premises of Melbourne from the past several years. You can avail our same day emergency rug cleaning services without any additional cost. You can contact us at 0481608929 for obligation free quote and further information.

    Ses Rug Cleaner Serve all Suburbs of Melbourne for Expert Rug Cleaning

    Melbourne is in the southeastern part of mainland Australia, within the state of Victoria. Ses Rug Cleaners offer exceptional rug cleaning services across Melbourne. Contact us any time, and our team will clean your carpets. We use advanced cleaning equipment & products. Our fully trained rug cleaner team never let you down & our all rug cleaning services are cost effective & professional. We serve in all the corners of Melbourne for professional rug cleaning services. Some Suburbs mentioned below :

    • Sorrento
    • Geelong West
    • Mornington
    • Springvale
    • Ballarat
    • Frankston
    • Kingsville
    • Point Cook
    Same-Day Carpet Cleaning Services in Melbourne

    Frequently Asked Question on Rug Cleaning Melbourne

    What method do professionals use to clean the rug?

    Professional use different cleaning methods depending on the type of rug stain and fabric quality. We mostly use hot water extraction, rug shampooing, encapsulation, dry rug cleaning for effective removal of stain from the rug.

    How much does rug cleaning cost?

    The cost of the rug cleaning is decided based on the square foot of area that requires cleaning. However, the general cost lies in between $ 2 to $10 according to per foot. Don’t consider this as the fixed price. The amount gets varied as per the situation.

    What should I do before the arrival of rug cleaners?

    It is useful for the cleaners if you remove all the objects over the rug like electric lamps, devices and other furniture from the rug. It saves time for cleaners and helps in the right cleaning of the rug.

    How long does the rug take to get dried?

    The drying time of rug depends on the cleaning method used, type of rug, moisture content and presence of airflow. The average time rug requires to get dry lies between 20 to 24 hours.

    Does Ses Rug Clean deal with pet stain and odour?

    Yes, Ses Rug Cleaning deals with all types of stains and odour either it is generated by the pet or by other sources. We are expert in dealing with all types of stains.

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