Signs That You Need to Clean Air Vents

You would have often realised that nothing is as satisfying as cleaning your home. But what if your home is not as clean as you might have thought it to be? Your floors might be spotless, and the furniture around would be clean as well. But what about those areas that you visibly can’t notice? Your heaters and air conditioners have air vents and HVAC ducts that are unfortunately the favourite place of dirt, dust and debris to hide. 

Ducts definitely are hidden and the air conditioners that you use regularly often draw in allergens and dust particles from outside to the inside of your rooms. And this is circulated everywhere, causing allergies and diseases. 

Air Duct Cleaning

How to Identify Dirty Air Ducts

If you are not so sure when would the air ducts need cleaning, you would need to keep an eye on these signs that would tell you if you need a duct cleaning Melbourne done.

  1. Mould in your Air Conditioner or Furnace – Mould growth is much possible in either your furnace or air conditioner due to the condensation process, especially if you reside in a humid climate. In case your service technician tells you that there is mould growth on either or both these appliances, ask them to show it to you and check for yourself. Next, contact a mould expert or an indoor air quality expert. Well, it is not always necessary that mould would have an effect on your air ducts, but there are chances. So, in case you see development, it is advisable that you get it cleared before they affect the quality of the air in your home.
  2. You Find your Home Dusty Irrespective of How Often you Clean It – Dusting the house and the furniture is definitely a chore, but you must do it from time to time. However, in case you notice dust on your furniture or any flat surface just when you keep your dusting tools away, then you probably need to get your air duct cleaning done. You can have a look at the supply and return vents both in your home. Also, take a look at the vent covers. If they look dusty or dirty, you probably need to call a duct cleaning expert and get the air ducts and air vents cleaned.
  3. You Notice a Climb on your Electricity Bills While Using your Heaters or Air Conditioners – Your current bills must always be quite predictive every year if you have been using these appliances for a longer time. However, if you notice that the bills have suddenly risen while you use either of them, then you probably need to consider checking the air ducts and vents on these appliances. It might be partially because of the duct cleaning work at your home. When these ducts are dirty, they are unable to produce the same amount of airflow and not effectively as when they are cleaned. In this case, they are forced to work and provide you with the temperature that you have set. This leads to a higher energy consumption and hence increased utility bills.

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